Bill Goldie

Lead Guitarist and Audio EngineerLead Guitarist FromWIthin

Bill started his many years of playing guitar with several Toronto rock bands playing the local bar circuit, school dances, and parties and just about anywhere he and his buddies could get a gig for fun.

In the 80ies he placed an ad in the local Georgetown paper for a singer. Bill ended up meeting his lifelong friend and at the time song writing partner. Hans and Bill played in the band “Labyrinth” and together they played the Ontario bar circuit. Back in the day labyrinth cut a 45! Yes a 45! Labyrinth had some local Toronto success winning a spot on the Q107 home grown album with the song “Nights So Cold”.  This did open up some more opportunities including opening up several shows for Lee Arron.

After Labyrinth disbanded Bill auditioned for the Toronto cover band “Phoenix”. The project covered bands from Styx, Journey, Foreigner, Black Sabbath and everything in between.

Bill was missing his passion for original music, and after leaving Phoenix started an original project with the band “Workforce”. This original rock project had several member changes but eventually produced an all original CD.

Bill was asked to join up with some of his old band and formed the band “Fallen Angels”. Playing mostly a covers they did try to promote originals and produced a CD of original music.

After departing “Fallen Angels”, Bill was introduced to a bass player Mike Duncan from Guelph and a friend of Mikes on Drums Lance Mapplebeck, together they formed the all original band “Witness”. This project produced several original demos as a hard hitting progressive rock band, sadly to say the songs were never completed.

Bill started working with his old friend Hans again and produced an all original CD recorded in what would become Labyrinth sound. Bill engineered and produced the new CD.

Bill moved to the deep blue waters of Georgian Bay in Owen Sound. After redesigning his new studio, “Labyrinth Sound” Bill was introduced to some local area musicians and with the help of his old friend once again reformed “Fallen Angels”, with covers from Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Uriah Heep.

Bills passion to write and create original music, drove him to keep searching for other musicians with the same passion. After meeting singer songwriter Steve Hutchinson, the two discovered a new foundation for original music that inspired both of their creative sides.  With their new found interests they started this new project “FromWithin”.